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Body work has begun! Pics HERE!!    Pics updated as of MAR 04, 2006!
<---See the back-dated journal for previous entries from the start.
New Pics! as of April 17th.  Some outside, some in the new shop.
The Misc. parts section I will keep updated as I continue to clean up parts and get pics.  Slow process since most of my time will be spent sanding for quite a while.  I'll let ya know when more pics are uploading in their respective folders tho.

JUN 21, 2006
Alrite, so anyone who has actually check the site may be thinking I died or some other stuff...well sorta. 
Been really busy the past little while, and broke, and no shop to work in.  So all in all, work haulted.  I'm really itching to get back at it, but with little time, I can't even help dad get his shop finished up.  But the car is parked in a dry insulated shop, so it's still good to go whenever I can get at it...hopefully soon.
anywho, just thought I was bored so I'd drop a line, letting people know what's going on.
APR 19, 2006
Well, I checked into it, and it will probably be about $40 (CAD) for a new front e-brake cable.  Like I said before, I'm pretty sure it snapped, but not positive...and hopefully I won't need all three cables...2 rear pieces are about $50 (USD) each plus shipping.
I have to wait for dad to finish up the shop, and help him get stuff organized before I can really do I may just finish up my rims whilest I wait.
APR 14, 2006
Good News : Moved the car today.  I didn't realize how much crap was laying on top and around it until now.  Once my dad gets his new shop setup I'll have to go thru it all and see what I all have and how much.
Bad News : May have broken the e-brake cable.  When we were towing it, since my brakes are outta commission, I was using the ebrake to slow me down.  Well apparently I pulled too hard...and *SNAP* brakes...not slowing down!!! Ah Shit!
Good News : I didn't ram the back end of my dad's truck in the process.  I ended up rolling on the chain and skidding in the gravel.  Although we did almost have a run away car pushing it down the grade towards the new shop...stupid lack of traction on gravel, where your feet just dig in instead of gripping...we made it safely into the shop.  No one got injured or anything!
I unloaded all the extra stuff that didn't fit in the car, outta the back of dad's truck, and onto the shop floor, under the car, outta the way...until furthur notice.  If I do get a chance to go work on it before the shop is completely ready, I'm gonna finish up my rims (which I finally have clear coat for them) and check into my ebrake situation...looks fairly simple after a quick look today...just have to figure out the problem.
APR 13, 2006
Back at 'er last nite, just like I had hoped.  3 hours later and just about have the other door sanded down to bare metal.  I could've finished it up, but I was tired before I started, so I went home.
Nothing much else to report...gonna be a while moving all my shit to the new garage...I realize there is a lot of stuff laying around (bumpers, rims, tires, cleaning supplies, etc etc) ah well it's all good.
APR 11, 2006
HAHA! You thought I was a slacker before...look at this shit!  It's been almost an entire month since I last went to work on the car.  Actually it's pretty sad, I've been meaning to go, but due to lack of gas money, and motivation, I've slacked.  But I did go out last nite, and got a whole 30 mins of sanding in...with my newly aquired palm sander (Thank you Shane, lol).  There was a situation surrounding why I only worked on it for 30 mins, but that's beside the point.  I'm hoping to get back out before the weekend, tomorrow if all goes well. 
Why the weekend you ask?  Well my parents have unofficially sold the property, and the people who bought the house are renting it starting near the end of April.  Which means...I have to move the car to the new garage...and this weekend is the weekend to move.  So, hopefully it doesn't rain...supposed to Friday and Sunday...but not here's hoping!!
MAR 18, 2006
Alrite, I'm a slacker.  I was actually out at my parents on the 14th working on the car.  Not a whole lot to report so I wasn't in any hurry to type it up.  I just sanded down the drivers door some more.  Instead of getting the sander shipped from Barrie, I may be going down to pick it up on the 25th.  The reason, I may be going down there to party with some friends that I haven't really seen in a while, so I thought it'd save some I can wait because I don't really have any gas money anyway :) .  That's about it...for now.
MAR 08, 2006
S.O.B.!!!  I had this all typed out and my browser closed...stupid p.o.s. crap computer!
Anyway, I received a bit of a tip on Monday, just enough for gas for an extra trip out to my parents this week.  Kids were in bed on time, so off I went.  First stop, my cousin's, to see if he got his sander fixed.  Disappointment, he hadn't yet, so I couldn't use it.  He invited me in, and said he needed to talk to me...about a job!  Wahoo!  An apprenticeship (for carpentry), which will take me a lot furthur than washing cars for sure.  But shhhhhhhh, it's a secret...from my boss anyway, haha.  Well at least until I find out when exactly I get to start.
Anyway, after talking to him for a bit, I got out to working on the car.  Went working in the pass rear wheel well removing grime and crap.  Found out we're going to have to rebuild the jack point on both sides.  Haha, I emailed Chad, haven't got a reply back yet, but I don't think he's going to be too excited about that, ah well, haha. 
I got the pass side cleaned up as good as I could for now, so I figured I'd start on the drivers side.  Chipped and scraped and scratched away all the undercoating from inside the drivers rear wheel well.  It was still relatively early, so I decided to start ripping into the drivers side with some 40Grit.  I basically got the top half of the drivers door ripped down some, and then my arms and fingers were starting to hurt pretty bad, I couldn't put enough effort into it to really do any damage to the I called it a nite.
Another good 2 1/2 hours put in.
I got home tonite, and checked my email.  I got a message from "SnEaK" on the TSC.  He said he has a palm sander that he no longer needs, and is willing to donate it to a worthy cause (a.k.a. me).  He said he'd even ship it to me, for free!  How could I say no??  I did, of course, offer to pay the shipping charge back when I get some extra cash (closer to the end of month, or early next month).  A BIG THANK YOU TO SnEaK (aka Shane W. from Barrie)!!!!!!!
MAR 04, 2006
Altho I didn't work on the car tonite, and I thought I wouldn't get out till tomorrow nite at the earliest, I made it out last nite.  My cousin still has his sander, and he wasn't home for me to pick it up, but that was ok.  I found some other things to do.
I grabbed some engine degreaser to clean up some of the undercoating under the hood (which is like a quarter to half inch thick).  Especially off some of the electrical components.  After dinking around with that for about an hour, I remembered that Chad had told me that the wheel wells needed to be cleaned out also.  I found an old chisel laying around the shop, and had been using it a little to scrape some of the shit off already.  It seemed to work pretty good, even tho the end was all chewed up and uneven.
So, I jacked up the rear passenger side and tried to reach in around the tire.  That got old real quick, and then my slow, but sometimes useful brain kicked in, I could take the tire off.  So I lowered the car back down loosened the lugnuts, jacked it back up, and took the wheel off.  Then I noticed my stool was too high to get a good vantage point of ripping into this well.  Brain kicking in again, I decided the wheel would make a good seat.  Dam, I was feeling smart, haha!
So, after 1 1/2 hours of scraping in there, I got most of it off.  Got a gallon of degreaser that should peal what is left right off...well I may have to wipe it but still.  Still not thru with the nite (altho it was 11:30 and I had to get up this morning at 7)  I decided I'd rip into the rest of the passenger side quarter panel with some more 40 grit.  I'm glad I picked up a really good mask.  I had bought cheapy's and they were exactly that, so I went out and got a decent one, and what a difference...I just need to remember to put it on before I start next time, haha.  I only worked on it for about 20 mins, then, altho it was going good, I knew I should go home.  So it was off to shower and bed for another exciting ~3hour nite. 
That might be all for a while, I'm pretty broke this month, even for gas money.  Had to spend some money on the Subaru, and need to renew my licence plate sticker, so I'm pretty much rung right out.  We'll have to see how it goes tho, ya never know...
Inside the rear wheel wells there was undercoating to beat all hell.  This has to come out to be able to do the proper repairs. 



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