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My bicycle, my alternative mode of transportation, my atv!
The Pics...

1999 Specialized Rockhopper Comp.  Original price paid $1099.  Current value to me...priceless!
People can scoff all they want.  "Why the hell would you pay that much for a bicycle?!?!"  There is a good reason for it.  At the time I purchased the bike (which was in Aug 99) I was major into mountain biking.  (Now I only wish I had the time and energy.)  I had a cheapy bike...once I started actually riding it (not just to grandma's and back), it lasted 1 cheapy bike $200 = 6 months, and $150 on cheapy bike $250 = 4 months and $300 on multiple parts (rims, brakes, shifters, etc.)  I decided to save my pennies from working all summer, a little better than minimum wage carpentry labourer, and buy a decent bike that would be worth spending money on it when it would eventually break.  That's the funny thing, it doesn't matter what type of vehicle you drive, or ride, they always break. 
Anyway, after my last cheapy bike broke at the end of july, I asked to borrow the money from my dad, until I had the money at the end of summer.  Went out, found the bike I liked (and could afford), and a decent helmet, and I was off!  I could ride without too many worries about bending rims, or breaking parts!  I was hyped!!  Well, it's been going on 6 yrs now, and it still rolls smoothly.  I may have had a 2 1/2 yr breather where I got too involved with cars to ride...and now I still don't have as much time (kids take up a lot of time, not that I'd give them up for anything) or energy to ride (a little outta shape).
I've upgraded quite a bit, and had to fix quite a bit, but it's still worth every penny I've put into it (to me).  Also a lot better than going through 5 cheapies, which I'm sure would've been a minimum.
More to come...

Year : 1999
Brand : Specialized
Model : Rockhopper Comp
Frame : Nitanium
Colour : Silver
Speeds : 27 (3 on front, 9 on back)
Brakes : V-type - DiaCompe
Brake Levers : Shimano STX-RC
Chainrings : 44tooth
Crank : Original
Pedals : WAM-D1
Shifters : Sram Attack 
             Rapid Fire
Fork : Manitou Magnum
Hubs : Original
Front Rim : Original
Rear Rim : SunRims RhynoLite
BarEnds : Profile
Bar : Bontrager

WELL!  I've finally started riding a little bit again.  I'm gonna try to get into shape somewhat.  I guess it's true what they say, you can never forget how to ride a bike.  It just takes a little practice to get back into it.  Well, dammit, I haven't been out for a while busy.  Between wanting to clean the car, taking the kids to the park, baby being up at nite (causing me to be tired), and just all around not having a good week, I never got out.  keep ya posted...
Alrite, back to slacking, and that pisses me off, seems everytime I rode tho, something broke, and I just can't afford to fix it (with trying to get the celi on the road).   I broke a spoke last ride out...and basically I need a new rim, because it's just been beat too many times...didn't even get it back to straight last time (that's why the spoke broke, it was too tight for the bump I hit).  Once the celi is on the road, I will be putting a couple hundred into it to get it back and running properly again (new rim, tubes, possibly even tires)...So many projects, so little cash.



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