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All information was collected through "intensive" research (by Chad at StaffAuto, Owen Sound, Ontario, or from amazingly smart members of the TSC (Toronto Subaru Club, Ontario), and myself, just snooping around in manuals and personal knowledge.  A big thank you to all involved!

Well, ever since I bought the car it had really bad throttle response, only very rarely.  It got worse and worse recently.  One day I went to give 'er and she jerked like I let off completely.  Now I had been told that the fuel filters should be changed every 20K km's or so, because they can start to cause lag.  It was getting pretty bad, it seemed it was either the fuel filter, or the turbo was screwing up and no longer spooling properly.  So I took the chance, spent $30 on a new fuel filter (I had to change my oil too, so I figured while I had it in...).  Best $30 I've spent on it in a long time (since most of the money is gas money and that's not money well spent, haha).  Noticed the difference right away.  I'm now happy to report that my car has less lag and feels somewhat spirited again. 
Considering some people told me that it may last a year, it may not.  Now that it has over 433, 000 km on it, lasted me over a year with only 1 major repair (power steering lines a couple months after I bought it, still under $200) and now this $30 I think I'm doing pretty good.  I learned to drive from my mom, who told me once, "If you are going to go, you might as well GO!"  I'm pretty rough on my vehicles, I don't usually baby them very often, so this is a big thumbs up once again to Subaru! 
1 year report...
Alrite, it hasn't been quite one whole year yet, but close enough...and I still love this car.  Although it likes to guzzle the gas back (375km/50L...average), it does a great job in the snow.  Moving from a not so sporty, fwd, slow 90 VW Golf to this more sporty, awd, still slow but faster then the golf, 94 Legacy big difference.  I thought the Golf would go thru a lot of snow, awd is so nice, so much more control driving on snowy really shines there.  Dry pavement is also a lot nicer.  Cornering is a lot easier, less pushing, more turning, quicker turning.  The added wheelbase length of the subaru over the VW was something that took a little getting used to, I still scrub the very odd curb if I'm not paying enough attention...Sitting at over 432,000 now, and still going strong.  I will not be selling this car any time soon, that's for'd take quite a bit of money for me to get rid of this rare beauty!!!!  I'm in love!

First page, dedicated to my daily driver.
When I replaced the factory air box with a K&N Cone Filter it made a noticeable difference.  Driving around town, at about 2000rpm in 4th, it used to be very sluggish to pick-up.  This was especially true going up hills.  This is sorta expected, 2grand is pretty low for pickup and go.  Well after I had the filter installed, I instantly noticed the difference.  Now going up hills instead of having to downshift, or deal with slow goings, it picks up a lot quicker.  It makes it much easier to get up from 2000, and I'm quite impressed!
I did some detailing under the hood detailing.  It took me a while because, unfortunately, I don't always like working thru my lunch at work to clean my own car.  When I do finally feel like doing it, something usually comes up.  But I had it done by the TSC annual meet back in August 2005.  It wasn't to be too fancy, I'm too lazy to paint parts on my daily driver (summer and winter) so I'm just buffing up what's there.  Maybe in the future if I get really bored I may add some paint to some areas, but for now, I just left it.  Now that I'm working on the Celica, the Subaru has taken backseat, just used for some drifting in the snow, and to make fun of those in fwd or rwd getting stuck as I crawl...or blast, thru the snow.  Spring is coming, and then I will clean it up again...maybe have a bit of a summer project...if Chad is up to it after the celi project...hahaha!
1994 Subaru Legacy Sport Sedan, with over 430,000 km.  Still runs excellent.  It's a 5spd manual, AWD.  I bought the car in late Feb 2005, from a guy who works at the local Subaru dealership.  I am the 3rd owner.  The clutch was replaced at about 410,000km (before I owned it), and has had no other major problems.  As my daily driver, with so many km's I don't plan to do a whole lot of work on it.
Although It has no intercooler, it has a vent off the turbo up through the hood, to allow heat to escape while at rest. 
TSC member wrote that it has "There is a water jacket around the turbo bearing through which circulates coolant from the vehicle's cooling system. As stated in the Subaru tech document on the subject, which you can find on nabisco, the coolant continues to circulate by convection for some time even after the engine has been shut down, negating the need for a turbo timer." (quote totech @ June 28 2005).
This is actually quite an uncommon version of the car, as a lot of them were used up rally racing.  Most of the ones that remain are only automatics, I feel special.

Year : 1994
Brand : Subaru
Model : Legacy Sport Sedan
Engine : 2.2L 4cyl. Turbo
Compression Test :
138, 132, 128, 126
(guess-ti-mate, have to re-check for precise numbers)
1/4 mile (G-tech) : 17.7s (stock)
Same as stock brand new
17.5s (w/K&N Filter)
Original HP : 160 @ 5600 RPM
Original Torque : 181 @ 2800 RPM
Stock Boost : 7 PSI
Wastegate Opening : 8.7 PSI
Fuel Cutoff : 13 PSI
Upgrades :
Custom cut-shifter
K&N cone filter



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